What is a Retreat?

As a team we pride ourselves on the quality of the Retreat experience we offer to the young people and adults who come here.

So what is a quality Retreat?

  • The Gospel

The Gospel is at the centre of everything we do, from the Welcome to the Closing Liturgy. This is the most important element of any quality Retreat, Jesus is at the heart of it!Jesus

We regularly revise and update our programmes to ensure their relevance and to keep them rooted in the message of Jesus.

We believe that a quality Retreat must take place away from the school environment. The ringing bells and normal activity of a busy school day are not conducive to a genuine experience of Retreat. We believe our Centre’s facilities provide the perfect Retreat environment, unfamiliar yet welcoming, quiet and calming.candlefocus21

  • Small Group Size

We feel it is important for everyone who comes here on Retreat to have the room to express their opinions and to feel that they have been listened to and heard. For this reason we limit our overall group size to a maximum of 36 which means each facilitator will be working with a maximum of 12 people. This allows for a more personal and meaningful Retreat experience for everyone.

Although as a team we facilitate Retreats on a daily basis for different groups, we are keenly aware that for each group, this is their one Retreat experience of the school year. For that reason we aim to make each day the best it can be. As experienced facilitators we allow the group the freedom to evolve and grow within the programme whilst always maintaining the focus on the theme of the Retreat.

Although the theme of the Retreat is different for each year group, all our Retreat Days are set within a basic framework.

We are often asked if our Team can come to the school to facilitate the Retreat…

  • A Retreat should be just that, a coming away from all that is familiar to a place of quiet and calm, to better discern what God is saying to us.
  • The busy school environment has a different rhythm entirely to the one that exists in our Centre

For these reasons we no longer facilitate Retreats outside our Centre as we do not think these experience can properly be called Retreats.

We are aware though that budget considerations (particularly in regard to transport) can make a visit to our Centre difficult for many schools.  With this in mind, we have developed a series of Workshops which can be facilitated by our team, in your school.

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