Retreat Programmes

St. Mary's CBGS

St. Mary’s CBGS

Our Centre offers a variety of Programmes which have been developed to engage and challenge young people. Each programme has a Scriptural basis and uses discussion, art, craft, prayer, meditation and liturgy to explore the theme.

Whilst we provide the framework for the day, the young people themselves lead the day to a large extent. As facilitators, we are there to help them feel comfortable and supported and to gently return the focus to the theme if it wanders off, but within that, they have the freedom to explore the theme at their own pace and at a level of depth with which they are comfortable.

In addition to the themes listed on this site, we are willing to work with your school or organisation to develop a programme to suit the needs of your group. For more information on any of our programmes, or to discuss the needs of your group, contact us.

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