Other Lasallian Pastoral Centres

In addition to Glanaulin, there are two other Pastoral Centres in Ireland:

Approximately 9000 young people in Ireland will experience a Retreat in a Lasallian Pastoral Centre each year. Without the generous financial support of the De La Salle Order which allows us to keep the cost of our Retreats to a minimum, those young people might not have this valuable opportunity.

Lasallian Teams

Lasallian Gathering

In addition to the financial support provided to each Centre, the Order is committed to the continued professional development of each member of its Retreat Teams. Each year the teams gather at least twice to offer each other support and encouragement, and to receive formation in Lasallian ethos and spiritually.

Occasionally members of a team will visit another Lasallian Centre to experience a Retreat Day there, which aids the development of programmes and the sharing of resources and best practice across the Centres.

The Directors of each of the Centres also organise activities, courses and events for the continued professional development of their own team members throughout the year.

When you choose a Lasallian Pastoral Centre for you Retreats, you can be sure that your group will be facilitated by well trained and well supported teams.

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