Lasallian Mission in Ireland

Sign of Faith

Sign of Faith

The mission of the De La Salle Brothers throughout their history has been to address the need for education for young people, especially the poor.

In Ireland north and south, formal responsibility for education is now in the hands of the respective governments and the involvement of religious orders, whilst still important, has lessened in recent years. As a result of this shift, the De La Salle Brothers’ mission in Ireland has evolved and the Order has extended its focus to include the provision of Pastoral Centres for young people and adults, establishing the De La Salle Pastoral Centres between 2001 and 2004.

In line with the charism of St. John Baptist De La Salle, the Brothers continue to address the material poverty in our society through education and the spiritual poverty of our society through the Pastoral Centres.

In an increasingly secular world it is difficult to diffuse the message of Jesus Christ.  Our Centre exists to provide a place of spiritual nourishment to those who are hungry.  In doing this we hope to reinforce the work that parents, educators and parishes are already doing and also to give young people and adults who have little or no faith experience, a positive experience of Christianity.

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