Kerry Kayes


Kerry, a mother of 5 children, joined our team in May 2018 bringing her experience in outreach and family support work. During a career break, Kerry became involved with her parish as a member of the Parish Council representing Young Families and is a Eucharistic Minister to the sick and house bound. Kerry is a member of the Bethany bereavement group, she also facilitates a young faith development programme in her parish. Inspired to explore her own faith further, Kerry is studying for a BA Honours Degree in Theology through distance learning and is in her final year.

“I am privileged to have had the opportunity to share the message of the Gospel with young people every day. Drawing from the enthusiasm and willingness of young people to explore their own faith and spirituality fills me with an inner peace and joy. It is a pleasure and very rewarding to be a part of their journey. My own faith journey continues to grow each day here in Glanaulin. The surroundings, the staff and the Brothers all add too the peaceful atmosphere felt by many who come for spiritual reflection.”

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