Days of Reflection for School Staff

Images of God

Images of God

We appreciate how working in a school environment has great rewards, but also great challenges.

Most schools aim to provide a holistic education experience for all pupils, developing them academically, emotionally and spiritually; but isn’t that just as important for teachers too?

Schools offer many personal professional development courses to their staff, but what about personal spiritual development?

In our experience, most teachers would welcome the opportunity of a day to reflect on that important dimension of themselves which is their spirituality.

Our Days of Reflection for School Staff provide just such an experience.

Why bother reflecting?

  • To question the things we believe and why we believe them.
  • To develop in self-awareness.
  • To develop in God-awareness. “Who do people say I am?”( Luke 9:18)
  • To develop a real sense of the presence of God in our lives and in the lives of those we teach and those with whom we work. “For in him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28)
  • To share our own faith/doubt experiences and to listen to the experiences of others.
  • To bring “faith” from the theoretical to the experiential; from the head to the heart!
  • To integrate ourselves, body, mind and spirit. To nurture our faith so we can pass it on to our pupils with confidence and sincerity.

All our Retreat and Reflection Days will have time for discussion, prayer, Scripture-based meditation and personal reflection.

Possible Themes for a Day of Reflection

  • Meeting Jesus in the Gospels
  • Seeing God in Everything
  • Meditation
  • Pray As You Can
  • Ways of Praying with Scripture
  • Who is God? What is my image of God? How can Scripture help?
  • Where is my faith within a Church in crisis?
  • Important events and challenges of the past year.
  • How are things right now?
  • Hopes for the year ahead
  • Seeking God in Nature, Music, Art and Poetry

This list is by no means exhaustive. We can organise a programme to suit the needs of your staff.

We facilitated a Day of Reflection for the Diocesan Advisers from the Northern Dioceses and this was what they had to say about their experience;

In the busy lives of Diocesan Advisers it was good to be welcomed to ‘Glanaulin’. Our time there allowed for personal prayer and reflection and for sharing with Diocesan Advisers from the Northern Dioceses. In preparing beforehand, we appreciated the time given to us by the team of Glanaulin to discuss themes and to plan for the day, which turned out to be informative, peaceful and reflective. Thank you so much.

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