Our Lady’s Primary School

The girls from Our Lady’s Primary School in North Belfast visited the Centre last week for their Confirmation retreat and it was a pleasure to welcome them.

We explored the Sacrament of Confirmation through discussion, games, meditation, prayer, drama and liturgy. We had a great day working with them and we think they enjoyed it too, judging by the lovely comments they left us, a few of which you can read below:

I had lots of fun today. It was really active. I’d love to come again

I had so much fun. We got to make hands and decorate the hall and play lots of games

Today was awesome and fun don’t change it

This day was really fun and relaxing at the same time

It was fun because I really liked the meditating and drama. It was very relaxing and drama was very fun

I liked that today wasn’t just repeating things I already knew. It also taught me new things. It wasn’t boring it was very fun and educating. I’d love to come back again.

We’d love you to come back again too girls. Happy Christmas to you and all your families and blessings for your upcoming Confirmation.


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